Moleq Wholesale is best sales representative software for your tablet sales force. Our simple to use and cost effective app offers the ability to sell your product from anywhere. View all of your products, items and customers, and take orders no matter where you are.

With Moleq Wholesale, you can write sales quote on the spot without worrying about stock availability. It only takes a few touches to create new orders or edit existing ones before finalizing them. You can scan barcodes using your drive camera and easily search or filter your catalog.

  • Back office

Accounting, inventory & business management. Accurately manage inventory cost.

  • Sales Performance

Track and manage orders and quotes electronically.

  • Process Orders Faster

Quickly create and send orders whilst on the road, even when offline.

  • Instant Access

Access inventory & customer data from anywhere.

  • Barcode Scan

Scan barcodes using your drive camera and easily search or filter products.

  • Item Categories

Group your items by categories of your choice for a more efficient browsing experience.

  • New & Promotion Items

Easily manage and show new in-stock & promotional items. 

  • Go Paperless

No more paper order, typos, and re-entering orders. 

  • PDF Generator

Generate a PDF product catalogue for email, printing or share with WeChat.